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In our arctic animals activity plan, we learn about polar bears, arctic foxes, and arctic seals. Another fun animal to learn about is the Moose! With their big antlers and huge stature, they are a fun animal to talk about with toddlers. There are also several fun books to read about moose that can be added to this lesson! Let’s make a moose painting for one of our winter crafts for preschoolers!

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What You Need:

How to Make Moose Painting:

First, Make the Moose HEad.

After spreading some brown paint on a piece of paper, smoosh your foot to get it completely covered in paint. Then step on the paper, leaving a brown foot print.

This foot print will be the head of the moose. If you want to fill in where there is the arch, just use a brush or your fingers to smear the paint.

Next, Add ears and antlers.

Using your fingers, add ears to the top of the moose’s head.

Then add antlers by smooshing your whole hand in the paint and adding them to the top of the head, on each side.

For the antlers, we used tan paint for contrast.

winter crafts for preschoolers handprint moose
winter crafts for preschoolers handprint moose

Eyes and nose can be added by finger painting black dots over the head.

Now it’s time to give our moose a body!

Using your hand, smoosh it in the brown paint again and add it upside down under the moose head for the body.

The thumb should overlap the head a little for the neck and all four fingers should be pointed down for the legs.

winter crafts for preschoolers handprint moose

Let’s add some trees for our moose to live in.

Rip strips of brown or grey paper for the tree trunks and glue them down.

For the greenery on the tree, we dipped a fork in green paint and then added the branches on each side of the tree trunk. You could also finger paint or use a brush to add the greenery.

If you would like, you can add snowflakes or bushes to the background of the picture using fingers and toes or sponges!

winter crafts for preschoolers handprint moose

Let us see your finished moose picture! You can tag us on Instagram @blueberriesmash or send us a picture by email!

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