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There is no better way to teach toddlers than through play and arts and crafts. Teaching letters through arts and crafts project is a great way to keep it fun and engaging, while still giving them the opportunity to learn. This watermelon craft is no different!

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What you need for the watermelon craft:

  • Large “W”
  • Red and green paper squares
  • Black paper circles (you can create these with a hole punch)
  • Glue
"W" and paper square for watermelon craft

How to Make the Watermelon Craft :

Before making your watermelon read the story Mouse’s First Summer and talk about the delicious watermelon they eat.

First, Make the Rind.

Start by talking about the different parts of the watermelon and then tell your toddler they will start by making the rind.

Cover the bottom part of the “W” with glue and then add green squares, creating the rind of the watermelon.

toddler gluing green paper squares on watermelon craft
toddler gluing red squares on watermelon craft

Next, Make the watermelon flesh.

Now it’s time to add the flesh to the watermelon: the delicious, red, juicy part.

Again, spread glue over the upper part of the “W” and then add red squares to cover the surface.

Now, Add the seeds.

The seeds of the watermelon allow us to grow more watermelon plants! Now it’s time to add them to our watermelon.

Glue the black circles on top of the red flesh for the seeds of the watermelon.

toddler gluing black squares on watermelon craft

Enjoy your watermelon!

Now you have a lovely “W” shaped watermelon! Throughout this project, take the opportunity to talk about the letter “W ” and the sound it makes. You can talk about other words that have the same beginning sound as watermelon. While most toddlers will need many more activities and opportunities to learn the letter sounds, this is an excellent way to have fun learning the letter “W”!

watermelon craft

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