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V is for vulture in this hand painting craft project for preschoolers. This preschoolers craft project is very simple and easily adapted for kids of all ages. As part of our North America activities, it helps your little one learn a little about another amazing animals and recognize the letter “V”. Let’s make some vultures!

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What You Need:

  • Red and black paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Large paper
  • Letter “V” and letters for spelling “vulture”
  • Hands!
preschoolers craft project supplies including paint, googly eyes, and sticker letters

How to do it:

First, Make the vulture’s body.

Paint one hand black. Then firmly press it to the paper, with the thumbs pointed towards the bottom of the paper.

Repeat as many times as you want vultures!

toddler painting hand for preschoolers craft project
painting vultures for preschoolers craft project

Next, add the heads.

Using your thumbs or a paintbrush, add a red or peach dot to the wrist side of the hand for the heads of the vultures. Add a little triangle on the front for a beak. Don’t forget to add the googly eyes!

Repeat for all your vultures!

Now Add the letter “V” and Vulture.

Glue the letter “V” to the opposite side of the paper. Then help your little one spell the word “vulture” under the big “V”.

Add finishing touches!

Allow your little one to add any finishing touches they would like to their vultures or the background. Then add it to your refrigerator of masterpieces!

v is for vulture preschoolers craft project

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