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Under the sea! A whole new world full of different animals, colors, shapes, and textures await your little ones in these under the sea activity plans for preschoolers. Designed with 3 to 4 year old’s in mind, these activity plans will reinforce skills your little ones are developing right now! Don’t forget to download you Under the Sea worksheet bundle to go along with these under the sea activities!

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Recommended Books for under the sea activities:

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean is a great story to talk about size and the different animals in the ocean.

Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor teaches a lot about Ocean life in an accessible way for little ones.

Rainbow Fish is a beautiful story with beautiful pictures!

Hello World Ocean Life is a fun but educational board book with great pictures!

Over in the Ocean In a Coral Reef introduces you to many different animals and their babies!

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea is a fun musical story that can be used to talk about the food chain.

Try to find all the seahorses in this fun story: Secret Seahorse.

Pout Pout Fish is one of our absolute favorite books!

We always love Eric Carle and A House for Hermit Crab is no different!

Recommended Toys for under the sea activities:

Schleich always has the best, most realistic animals. We recommend the blue whale, orca whale, and shark!

We love this bucket of fish! We play with it all the time, even in the kitchen.

This is another good option for a good variety of ocean animals.

Activity Plans:

beginning sound under the sea activities

Practicing beginning sounds with toddlers is a fun way to help them learn more about letters without making it seem too difficult. This fun activity does just that!

Using Under the Sea animals and letters of the alphabet (magnet letters or puzzle letters work great!) set up the activity. Then, talk about what each animal is called, playing with them or talking about them as your preschooler desires. Throughout the conversation, ask them what sound is at the beginning of the animals name. This will take quite a few tries for them to understand, so just be patient and have fun!

measuring under the sea activities

Around this age, Little Miss became obsessed with measuring things! She loves to use a tape measure to see how long different things around the house are. Making early math skills like this fun and exciting is a great way to encourage little ones to learn these skills.

After reading I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean, talk about the size of the different animals. Then take this activity outside and measure the length of the animals on the driveway or sidewalk with chalk. Have your little one lay next to the measurements and see what animals they are bigger and smaller than!

counting fish under the sea activities

Mixing arts and crafts with other skills like math is an easy way to make it more fun. That is the purpose with this activity. The fish bucket is perfect for this activity.

Check out the full activity in this post: DIY Counting Fish Game for Preschoolers

music under the sea activities

Music is so important for little ones. They love to play music, listen to music, and dance, so this activity incorporates it all!

First, read an ocean story, like Ocean Life. Then, get out the instruments. Talk about which instrument could be the sound for which animal. For example, could the whale be a drum or should it be the xylophone. Let your preschooler experiment with the different sounds and have fun playing. Then, read the same story or another one with the same animals and have your preschooler play the instrument when the animal comes up in the story!

It’s time to make an underwater ocean scene! This project can be done over several days and added to throughout the month as we create more ocean animals.

Check out the full art project here: Amazing Underwater Ocean Art for Preschoolers

Science experiments with toddlers are simple and fun activities that introduce creative thinking to little ones. Learning about oceans and whether they freeze is a very hands-off but fun activity for preschoolers. It is great for doing around other activities since there is a lot of wait time.

Check out the science experiment in the Under the Sea Activities bundle.

Find this simple, printable game in our Under the Sea Activity Bundle in the store. Just print, add the spinner, and get playing to practice beginning letter sounds!

What lives at the bottom of the sea? Little ones will learn after reading the story A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea. Print out the ocean animal coloring page from our Under the Sea Activity Plans and let your little one color or paint the animals.

Meanwhile, fill a glass dish with rainbow rice and other sensory materials (ocean colors preferred). When your little one is finished coloring their paper, set the glass dish on top of the paper, hiding it under the ocean. Read the story and give your little on the opportunity to find each animal as you read!

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea is a fun song that is really teaching about the food chain. Download and print our Who Eats Who? worksheet to do with the book to help your little one learn a basic food chain, while singing a fun song.

Find the worksheet in our Under the Sea Activity Bundle.

Find this game in our Under the Sea worksheet bundle.

Practice counting and early math skills with this fun printable game. Simply roll a dice and color in the bubbles, helping Nemo find his way back to his home anemone!

After reading about the Pout Pout Fish, play this fun printable game from the Under the Sea worksheet bundle.

The pout pout fish learns he is actually a kiss kiss fish and wants to give lots of kisses to his fishy friend. Add as many kisses as the number shows to practice counting. Using playdough adds a sensory and fine motor element to this fun counting game.

Nothing is more fun than a little guessing game. Put a few ocean animals each in their own brown paper bag and then let your little one stick their hand into the bag and try to guess what animal is inside.

For an extra element of fun, before putting the animals in the bag, trace them onto a paper. Then when they find an animal, they have to see which shape it fits into. Great for creative thinking and sensory practice.

Sorting animals or other objects from largest to smallest is a great way to talk about size and introduce early math concepts.

After reading I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean, let your little one try to put the animals in order from biggest to smallest.

The Rainbow Fish is a beautiful book with a wonderful lesson. After reading the story, make your own rainbow fish to add to your underwater ocean scene.

Follow the instructions in this post to learn more. Rainbow Fish Painting With Preschoolers

Process art is one of our favorite activities. This project is no different! Easy to set up and beautiful results!

Great for ocean themed preschool activities, this project is great to accompany with a read aloud of Over in the Ocean, In a Coral Reef.

Check out the full activity with tips in this post: Creative and Colorful Coral Process Art for Preschoolers

Learn about the food chain and create an adorable whale with this In the Belly of the Whale art project!

Step by step instructions for teaching little ones to draw a whale along with suggestions for finishing the project all included in this post:

In the Belly of a Whale Art Project for Kids

We love combining sensory projects with learning. This activity is a perfect example!

First, fill a pan or other shallow container with sand or taste safe sand. Then, write letters on the back of seashells and add the seashells to the sand. Next, encourage your little one to explore the box, finding the shells and flipping them over. Ask them what the letter is and what the sound is. Then encourage them to practice drawing the letter in the sand!

“O” is for Octopus Art Project for Kids is a fun, education activity for any kid who wants to learn their letters and numbers! Practice counting, letter recognition, and learn a little about octopuses in this fun, quick, and easy project!

Let’s make a seahorse and then hide it in the seaweed! Have fun painting and creating with this super cute art project for kids. Free seahorse printable included in the post. Check out the full project here:

Hidden Seahorse Art Project for Kids

Learn and practice a new shape: spirals! After reading A House for Hermit Crab, practice drawing spirals on paper,

First, draw the spiral with a chalk pastel. Then, trace the spiral with your finger. The chalk will smudge as it is traced. Doing this two times reinforces the motor skills needed to draw the shape and adds an extra layer of sensory fun to the activity! After drawing spirals, your little one can turn them into hermit crabs if they so desire!

Want more activities for preschoolers?

First, check out our downloadable Under the Sea activities in our shop. Then check out our other activity plans!

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