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Its time to celebrate summer! Lemonade, watermelon, picnics, and pool days are here! What better opportunity to incorporate these delicious ideas into our learning and play time! Find a whole month of arts and craft, playtime ideas, science experiments, and more in this month’s activity plans for preschoolers!

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Recommended Books for summertime activity plans for preschoolers:

Mouse’s First Summer is a cute story of all the fun things we can do on a summer picnic. Great for morning read aloud to start the day!

One Hundred Hungry Ants is a fun counting story great for summertime! As the ant’s go on their picnic, it introduces counting in a fun and engaging way for little minds.

Summer Days and Nights is a cute story of what we can see, find, and do during summer. Great inspiration for activities.

The Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive is very educational but told in such a fun way. Little Miss loves all the Magic School Bus books and this one is no different!

This is a lovely story and great for practicing colors!

The Relatives Came is a fun story about a big family getting together for the summer, something most of us can relate to.

A nice educational book about fireflies.

This story is a nice way to introduce little ones to the little house on the prairie and history.

Recommended Toys for summertime activity plans for preschoolers:

Cute and well made, great for sensory bins!

Another great supply for sensory bins and craft projects.

One of our favorite toys we use over and over again!

And don’t forget to get our Summertime Fun Activity Bundle from the store for all your printables and more activities!

Activity Plans for preschoolers:

watermelon seed counting, part of summertime activity plans for preschoolers

Practice counting with watermelon seeds! Using our printable number flashcards, add the correct number of watermelon seeds to each card.

If you can find a watermelon with seeds, you can glue real seeds to the cards, otherwise, cut out circles of foam with a hole punch and use those.

toddler playing with yellow lemon playdough as part of summer activity plans for preschoolers

Make lemon scented playdough for a wonderful sensory experience! This playdough is extra soft, which makes it extra fun to play with.

Find the full tutorial and recipe in this post:

How to Make Lovely Lemonade Playdough

ants on a picnic craft part of activity plans for preschoolers

Read the story One Hundred Hungry Ants and then create your own ant picnic! This is a good craft activity to talk about numbers, ants, and foods.

Check out the full activity and craft in this post:

Cute and Easy Ants on a Picnic Craft Activity for Preschoolers

a is for ant worksheet part of activity plans for preschoolers worksheet bundle

“A” is for Ant. Learn the shape of the letter “A” and it’s sound with these cute ant stickers and worksheet.

The file to create your own ant stickers if you have a cricket or silhouette is available for purchase in our shop. You can also get the “A” worksheet in our Summer Fun Activity Bundle.

Practice life skills and basic math by making delicious lemonade! Even small children can recognize the numbers and ingredients on this kid friendly recipe card. Encourage them to pour, mix, and taste the lemonade for the full experience!

Our kid friendly recipe is available in the Summertime Activity Bundle.

“W” is for Watermelon! Help your little ones recognize the letter “W” and the sound it makes with this fun and easy craft activity.

Find the full craft activity with free printable in this post:

W is for Watermelon Craft Project for Toddlers

In Mouse’s First Summer, they make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while they are on their picnic. Now it’s your toddler’s turn!

This activity is a great way to learn life skills, practice fine motor skills, and practice sequencing all through play.

Check out the full activity and tips in our Summer Activity Bundle Worksheets.

Science with toddlers is all about learning through exploration. This activity is perfect for that!

Make colorful lemon volcanoes with this baking soda and acid activity – no vinegar needed! Little Miss absolutely loved this one. Check out the full instructions here:

Lemon Volcanoes: an Amazing Science Experiment for Preschoolers

“B” is for Bee in this craft activity!

Learning letters can be so fun when it is done in a crafty way. This activity is no different. Learn how to make your own “B” Bee in this post.

Cute and Easy B is for Bee Craft for Preschoolers

Learning about bees is fun with this sensory bin! Here are some skills that you can practice with this bin:

  • Counting bees
  • Learning how bees pollinate the flowers
  • Using tweezers to find all the bees
  • Eating some of the cereal and talking about the taste of honey
  • Reading and learning about bees while playing

Learning shapes is a great way to incorporate early math skills into play and craft time. With this fun craft project, little ones will learn a new shape: the hexagon!

Check out the full activity in this post:

How to Teach Hexagons to Preschoolers

Practicing letters can be fun with some of the worksheets in our Summer Fun Activity Bundle. Check it out for worksheets like this “B” is for Bee and more summer inspired words and letters activities.

Learning about bees wouldn’t be complete without learning about honey. This easy to set up activity will help your little one not only learn about how bees make honey but will give them the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills.

After reading The Magic School Bus Inside A Beehive, set up the activity with a paint tray palette, dropper, and gold watercolor paint. Using the dropper transfer paint into the palette as if it is the honeycomb. Talk about how bees use nectar to do the same thing to make honey.

Practicing life skills is an important activity to include each and every day. Make it extra sweet by baking these honey cookies together! After talking about how bees make honey, your toddler will love tasting the sweet stuff while they make these delicious cookies.

Find our kid friendly recipe in the Summer Fun Activity Bundle.

Learning about lifecycles is a fun way to introduce science concepts to little people. Everyone loves learning about babies!

Get the download and check out the full activity in our Summer Fun Activity Bundle.

In the story The Relatives are Coming, they talk about the grapes that are waiting for them at home. This process art activity gives your little one the opportunity to be inspired by grapes to create a fun geometric art project.

To set up the project, provide purple and green paint with tools that can make circles. Encourage your little one to fill the page with circles using their tools.

Sorting is a great early math skill to practice with little ones, as well as colors! This summertime color sorting activity is fun, quick, and easy for little ones to practice.

The color cards can be downloaded and printed from the Summer Activity Bundle. We recommend laminating them if you can, so they can be used for many activities to come!

After reading The Relatives Came, there is a great opportunity to talk about family. Print out pictures of close family members and have your little one make a picture collage. Talk about how the family members are related and see how many of them they can name as they cut and glue to add the pictures to the paper. Then hang it somewhere they can see and enjoy talking about their family!

Another fun sorting activity with a fine motor skills twist!

After talking about the different colors grapes can be, show your little one how they can glue each type of grape on their own grapevine.

While toddlers will not understand the idea of density, they will still enjoy the process of this floating grapes science experiment.

Check out the full tutorial here:

Awesome Floating and Sinking Grapes Science Experiment for Preschoolers

Summer is full of color, just like this sensory bin! Here are some skills that you can practice with this beautiful and colorful sensory bin:

  • Scooping
  • Sorting
  • Creating

This is one of our absolutely favorite toys for toddlers! It can be used for so many activity and playtime. For this activity, practice making summertime garden patterns with the flowers and insects to practice early math skills.

Download these fun firefly jar counting cards from our Summer Activity Bundle and use them to practice counting, number recognition, and even some early addition skills!

Get it in our store here.

The concepts of hot and cold are fun to experiment with toddlers. Using just water, they can learn and explore so much.

Check out the full science experiment and other activity ideas in this post:

Super Cool Hot and Cold Science Experiments for Preschoolers

Playing with shadows is a fun summertime activity as the sun is high in the sky! Bring this to our paper with this fun and creative arts and craft activity that will get your little ones excited!

Check out the full activity in this post:

How to Create Shadow Art With Preschoolers

Make a summer collage of all the fun, beautiful, and different things we see during the summertime. Pictures can be cut out of magazines or use the printable from our Summertime Fun Activity Bundle to cut and glue!

Play this fun game to practice naming the shapes! Simply cut, spin, and play!

Available for print in the Summer Fun Activity Bundle.

In the story The Relatives Came, they drive a silly car that is all kinds of colors. Let your little one paint or color a car as creative as they wish!

If painting, you may have to retrace over the car outline after painting to make the outline visible.

Find a printable for the car in our Summer Activity Bundle!

After reading Summer Color, give the opportunity for process art. Provide lots of colors, brushes, and tools for painting. Encourage your little ones to paint what they think summer looks like!

Use some glow in the dark paint to make a glow in the dark “F” for Firefly!

Make this adorable firefly suncatcher!

Find the whole tutorial in this post:

Make Your Own Firefly Suncatcher Craft

Check out some of our other Activity Plans for toddlers and preschoolers here:

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