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Process art is very important and beneficial for toddlers and preschoolers. It helps them develop their creativity, work on fine motor skills, and learn independence. ( However, sometimes it is beneficial and fun to mix the ideas of process art with a little guidance, a little inspiration, to see what they can come up with. This fox art project does just that. This is part of our North America Activity Plan, so check that our for more fun projects!

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What you need for process art:

  • Paints
  • Paintbrushes, paint daubers, q-tips, etc
  • Paper

Let your little one choose what they want to use to create with!

How to Do process art:

The most important step for process art is preparing the space. Provide the paper, the paints, and the tools in an area that gives them the freedom to create.

With this project, either show them pictures of foxes before beginning or paint along and let them follow you as inspiration if they desire.

Talk about shapes.

Talk about the different shapes they may want to paint to show the head, body, eyes, etc of a fox. Then allow them the freedom to paint what their imagination creates when they think of a fox.

Talk about colors.

What color is their fox going to be? Are they going to change the color of their ears, tail, etc?

Let them paint what their imagination holds when it comes to color.

Encourage Creativity throughout the painting time.

While we are adding inspiration to their painting, we still want it to be more about the process. If you notice your little one is getting too wrapped up in trying to make their fox look like yours or a picture, take the inspiration away and encourage them to make their own fox, and not worry if it looks like anyone else’s fox.

Allow every step of this project to be controlled by the child. If they want purple paint, allow them to have it. If they want to use their hands, get a paper towel ready and allow it. If they decide to paint over their fox in the end and it now looks like a blob, allow it.

Remember the benefits of process art and enjoy the process! Have fun with this project and enjoy what your little one creates!

fox process art for preschoolers

You may wonder why give any structure to process art if the goal is not the finished project. While learning through exploration and experimentation is the best way to learn, I have noticed at times our kiddos get stuck where they are, they want to repeat the same processes and enjoy the same experiences. To encourage our kiddoes to keep experimenting and growing, it can be beneficial to provide inspiration, like with this project. If your toddler or preschooler hasn’t hit this creative roadblock yet, just skip this project and go all out with process art. However, if your little one seems to need a little push, this may be a way to help them make the leap to learn new things.

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