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Australia is such a fun country to learn about. The animals are so unique and the culture is very interesting. Kids love to learn about kangaroos, koalas, and didgeridoos. A whole month of Australia activities for preschoolers is sure to excite not just your kiddos, but you, too. Check out this month’s activity plan!

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Book Recommendations for Australia Activities for Preschoolers:

A super fun read and beautiful illustrations make this book a wonderful one for Australian Adventure week!

Simple illustrations and large letters make this a great book for little ones just learning their ABC’s.

Little Miss really loved this story about a baby kangaroo growing up and it was perfect for learning about marsupials.

Toy Recommendations for Australia Activities for Preschoolers:

The Schleich kangaroo is very realistic and great for creative play.

Another Schleich favorite, the koala is great, too!

Activity Plan:

You can download all the worksheets, coloring sheets, and activity templates by getting our Australian Adventure Worksheet Bundle!

map Australia activities for preschoolers

Help your toddler learn about distance and measurement with this fun mapping activity. A great way to introduce early math concepts, this activity is simple to set up but very valuable.

Introduce the country of Australia with this activity and talk about some of the animals you might see in Australia.

Download your map printable here.
Kookaburra letter K Australia activities for preschoolers

Arts and crafts are an excellent way to teach letter recognition. This super fun Kookaburra activity will help your toddler practice fine motor skills and learn about the letter “K”.

See the full activity instructions in this post: K is for Kookaburra Letter Recognition Activity for Preschoolers

Lizard L Australia activities for preschoolers

Traditional Australian art is beautiful and fun to create, even for toddlers. Learn the letter “L” and create some awesome lizard art with this arts and crafts activity.

See full instructions in this post.

Marsupial M Australia activities for preschoolers

Marsupials are very special animals if which Australia is the home of many. While marsupial is a big word for our little people, they will love learning about the animals with a pocket. Teach them the letter “M” with this fun and movable art project!

line tracing Australia activities for preschoolers

Tracing is an excellent activity to work on fine motor skills. It is also a great way to help them learn pencil control and grip. Make this activity fun by learning about Australian animals and their babies. A great book to incorporate with this activity would be Over in Australia: Amazing Animals Down Under.

You can get these tracing sheets in our Australian Adventure Worksheet Bundle here.

didgeridoo Australia activities for preschoolers

A month of Australia activities would not be complete without making a didgeridoo!

How to Make a Didgeridoo with Toddlers

worksheets for Australia activities for preschoolers

Work on letter recognition, number recognition, and letter tracing with these cute and fun worksheets. Little Miss loves the letter worksheets, they are so fun to find the letters and color them in. Great for fine motor skills, too! You can get all of these by downloading our Australian Adventure Worksheet Bundle.

Australian flowers activities for preschoolers

This process art activity is fun for kids of all ages and parents too! To ready the space, pull up pictures of flowers native to Australia, print them out, or use a book. Then, provide paints, puff balls, sequins, brushes, daubers, etc. Talk about the colors they see in the flowers, the shapes, and the sizes. Then let them be inspired! This is a great project to work along with them, so you can continue to talk about what they are observing and creating. They will also continue working longer if you are painting with them!

great barrier reef activities for preschoolers

The Great Barrier Reef is unique to Australia. Learn about the different animals in the Great Barrier Reef and make your own ocean scene with this activity. First, look at pictures of the Great Barrier Reef and talk about all the animals they see. Then give them a canvas, paints, sponges in animal shapes, brushes, etc. and allow them to create their own ocean scene.

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