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Practice counting, literacy, and creativity with this 3 in 1 octopus art project for kids! Perfect for kids who want to learn their numbers or letters, this project teaches in a hands off way that makes learning fun. Oh, and they can learn a little about octopuses on the way! Great for adding into your Under the Sea lesson plans!

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Materials for octopus art project for kids:

  • Ocean books for inspiration (suggestions below)
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Optional: googly eyes

How to do this octopus art project for kids:

We suggest reading and looking at books about the ocean before beginning this project. Find the pictures of the octopus. Then count how many arms they have. Next, talk about the first letter of Octopus and what the letter “O” looks like. We like the books Hello World, Ocean Life and Earth’s Incredible Oceans.

Before beginning the project, have a large “O” cut out of construction paper, as well as 8 arms. Number the arms 1-8.

Give the octopus legs.

While looking at the ocean books, remember to count how many arms the octopus has. When ready to start the project, remind your little one how many arms they counted. Then give them their project materials.

First, show your little one how the legs are numbered 1-8. Then, ask them to put the legs in order, gluing them to the octopus’s body as they do so.

kid gluing arms on "O" for octopus art project for kids
octopus art project for kids

Finish the octopus.

When all the legs are glued in order to the “O” octopus body, your little one can have some free time to decorate their octopus by coloring the legs, adding googly eyes, etc.

If you want to add more literacy practice to this project, help them write “octopus” around the “O”!

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