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Fireflies are one of the enchanting things about summer. Going out on a summer evening and watching them light up or catching them is so exciting for little ones and adults, too! Inspired by fireflies, we are making a Firefly Suncatcher!

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what you need for a Firefly Suncatcher:

  • Black paper
  • Contact paper
  • Yellow tissue paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • White pencil or crayon

How to make A firefly Suncatcher:

Before doing this craft, we recommend reading Fireflies in the Night and talking about how fireflies glow in the dark.

make the body.

First, look at pictures of fireflies and talk about what they look like. Then, draw a large oval on the black paper for the body of the firefly.

If your little one can handle scissors well, allow them to cut out the oval themselves, otherwise, you can have this done before beginning the craft.

Make the light.

The next step is to make the light for the firefly. To do this, cut out a window from one side of the oval body. This will allow the light to shine through the firefly.

Cut a piece of contact paper slightly larger than the window and stick it down to the paper. This will be the sticky surface for your little one to make the light.

Cut out wings.

Talk about how fireflies have two sets of wings and look at pictures for examples.

Cut out two more ovals from the black paper for wings and two ovals from the white paper for wings.

Glue them to the side of the body for the wings.

make the light.

Ask your little one “What color does a firefly light shine?”

firefly suncatcher craft

Then, tear pieces of yellow tissue paper and stick them on the contact paper window for the yellow light Suncatcher!

finish and hang in the window!

Add googly eyes, a mouth or any other details your little one would like to finish their firefly. Then hang it in the window and enjoy your firefly all day!

firefly suncatcher craft

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