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Marsupials are special animals. They are so fun for toddlers to learn about! Your toddler will love thinking about animals with a pocket as they do this fun letter recognition activity. Using paper and glue, they will make their own movable kangaroo and joey as part of our Australian Adventure Activity Plans.

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What you Need:

  • Craft stick
  • Glue
  • Big paper
  • Kangaroo and Joey cutout (download below)
  • Markers or crayons for drawing

Free Kangaroo Cut-Out

Download your kangaroo and joey cut-out for your project here!

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    How to Make It:

    First, Prepare the Cut-outs.

    If you are doing this project with toddlers, then you will want to cut out the kangaroo, joey, pocket, and letter “M” before beginning the project.

    After cutting out the kangaroo, cut a small slit at the bottom of the pocket. This is where the craft stick will slide through to move the joey, so make sure it is big enough for the stick to fit.

    Glue the pocket to the Kangaroo.

    Help your toddler put glue on just the lower part of the pocket. Since we want our joey to poke his head out, we need the upper part open.

    Glue the pocket in place and allow it to dry completely.

    Glue the kangaroo to the large paper as well.

    Make the joey.

    Glue the joey to the craft stick with the head on the end.

    Don’t forget to add faces to both the mama and joey!

    Create the background.

    While the kangaroos are drying, create the background. This is a good opportunity to talk about where kangaroos live and what it looks like.

    Little Miss and I looked at some pictures and she decided to add some grass to her background. Using green paper, she cut out large pieces of grass and glued them down. We even added some fringe to some pieces.

    Put it all together!

    Slide the joey’s stick through the pocket and the hole cut earlier. Now you can move your joey in and out of his mama’s pocket!

    Glue down the “M” to the opposite side and add any finishing touches!

    Now you have a movable piece of artwork for the letter “M” for marsupial. We hope you loved this project as much as we did and have fun creating it!

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