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Join us for another letter recognition activity for toddlers as part of our Australian Adventure Activity Plans. Australia is the home to some interesting lizards, like the frilled lizard. It is also the home of Aboriginal Dot Painting. We are combining these 2 unique parts of Australia into one awesome letter recognition activity!

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What you Need:

  • Lizard Printout (download below)
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Large paper
  • Q-Tips
  • Optional Letter L worksheet

How to Do this letter recognition activity for toddlers:

You will probably want to have the Lizard and “L” templates cut out before starting this project as they are a little difficult for toddlers to cut.

First, glue down the parts.

Glue the lizard to one side of your large paper and glue the “L” to the opposite side.

Next, add bold designs to the background.

Let your toddler or preschooler cut out or rip scraps of paper into different sizes and shapes. Then let them glue the paper scraps however they want around the lizard and “L”.

Remember not to cover up the lizard so we can add our dots next!

This could also be done with large splotches of paint if you are doing this with bigger kids.

Now add the dots!

Using the q-tip, add dots to the lizard and around the lizard and the shapes.

Try to limit the paint colors to 2 or 3 to keep things simple and cleaner.

Show your preschooler how they can make dots around their shapes and in their shapes.

When they are finished with the lizard, have them trace the letter “L” with dots, too, and talk to them about what it sounds like and looks like.

If you are doing this project with bigger kids, they can really take their time to fill in the whole space with dots. Toddlers will only last for a short period of time, so let them do as many dots as they have the attention span for. This is precise work, so they tire quickly!

Add finishing touches!

As always, allow your child the freedom to add any finishing touches they would like to their picture!

letter "L" letter recognition activity for toddlers

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