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When you go on a safari, you need a jeep to drive in! As part of our Safari Adventure Activity Plans, Little Miss learned more about the letter J with this activity that also encouraged her to think and create. This letter recognition activity for preschoolers is cute, fun, and easy enough to do in just about 30 minutes.

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What you need:

Download your jeep template here!
letter recognition activity materials with paper, scissors, glue, and jeep

How to make “J” Letter recognition activity for preschoolers:

First, cut out the Jeep template.

You will need the body of the jeep, two tires, the back bumper tire, and whatever animals your kiddo wants to have driving the jeep.

If you are doing this with toddler’s you may want to have this all cut out beforehand, but bigger kids should be able to do these cuts on their own.

letter recognition activity jeep template

Color the animals.

First, allow your child the time to color their animal or animals for the Jeep. This is a good time to look at pictures of animals in the African savanna to learn what they really look like.

Glue it all together.

Going step by step glue the Jeep together. Show your child a picture of a jeep or have a toy to model. Ask them where they think each piece goes, helping them make the connection between what they see and what they are putting on the paper.

Add the animals in the Jeep as well, making sure they look like they are sitting in the Jeep.

Glue everything together except the tires.

letter recognition activity J Jeep

Add the spinning tires.

Poke holes in the center of each tire and through the paper where they will attach. Put a brad through the tire and then through the paper, securing it in the back.

Now your tires can spin!

Practice the letter J.

Now it is time to glue the letter J to the paper. Once it is glued down have them trace the letter J and repeat the letter.

If you are doing this project with toddlers, write the word Jeep under the J. If you are doing this with bigger kids allow them to write it themselves.

When they are all finished, allow them time to decorate the background if they want!

letter recognition activity for toddlers, giraffes in Jeep for J

We hope you and your little ones loved this jeep project as much as we did! Tag us on Instagram @blueberriesmash to let us see your creations!

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