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Make learning about the food chain fun with this art project for kids! What do whales like to eat? Learn this and make your own cute whale with food in his belly. Great for ages 3 and up!

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Materials List:

How to Do This Art Project for Kids:

Before beginning this art project for kids, we suggest reading the story I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean. Talk about what the whale has in his belly at the end of the story and how you will make your own whale with food in his belly.

How to draw the whale:

Here are the simple step by step instructions for drawing the whale.

First, draw a large oval for the body of the whale.

Next, draw a “U” shape on one end of the whale. This is the top of the tail.

Then draw another “U” shape under the first for the bottom of the tail.

To finish the tail, draw 2 “V” shapes that connect.

Draw a circle for the eye.

Then add a dot in the eye and a smile to finish the whale body.

Color or paint the whale and then set it aside to move on to the next part of the project.

Draw the food in the belly.

We decided to make a large octopus for our whale’s belly. Give your little one the freedom and time to draw whatever creature from the story for their whale’s belly.

Color or paint the creature. Then cut it out to be glued onto the whale’s belly.

Some may need help to cut out their creature after drawing it. You can also encourage them to just cut around the whole creature, instead of precisely cutting out each feature.

Add a water spout.

To add another fun fine motor skill to this project, you can add a water spout coming from the blowhole of the whale.

First, have your little one trace their hand or trace their hand for them. Then, cut it out and glue it to the top of the whale where the blowhole would be.

Add finishing touches!

When the whale, blowhole, and creature are all ready, it is time to put it together. Glue the creature to the whale’s belly like we are looking in and seeing what it ate for lunch. If desired, the whole project can be cut out and glued onto an ocean scene such as this one or a piece of construction paper.

whale art project for kids

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