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Learning about bees in our Summertime Activity Plans gave us the perfect opportunity to learn a new shape: the hexagon! Since bees make their honeycombs into a hexagon shape, Little Miss was excited to learn and create her own. Let’s see how to teach hexagons to preschoolers with this fun and easy craft activity!

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What You Need to teach hexagons to preschoolers:

  • Large Paper
  • Buttons, stickers, puff balls, etc
  • Hexagon shapes
  • Glue

How to teach hexagons to preschoolers:

Before beginning this project, draw different size hexagons across the large paper. This will give your little one a model to work off of as they learn this new shape.

talk about the shape of the hexagon.

We did this project while learning about bees since bees make a perfect hexagon in their honeycomb. Start by looking at pictures of honeycomb and talk about their shape such as how many sides it has. Then tell your little one they will be making their own honeycomb but it will be made with different materials.

outline hexagons with different materials.

Let your little one choose what materials they will use for each hexagon.

Have glue available and provide assistance as needed to help them stay on the lines and secure each material to the hexagon shape.

While this project may seem very simple, the benefits are endless. Fine motor skills are strengthened, creativity is encouraged, and concepts are solidified. Most of all, it can be really fun if your little one gets into it!

This project can be set up and left out if you have a space to be worked on throughout the week if your little one gets tired of it before the picture is finished.

how to teach hexagons to preschoolers arts and crafts activity

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