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The beautiful color blue is the focus of our activities this week! Ever wonder how to teach your 1 year old the colors? Well, after just 2 months of Activity Plans and actively teaching Little Miss, she already is recognizing some of her colors. Check out my activities for red, orange, yellow, pink, and green to see what else you can do to have fun and teach your toddler their colors! Let’s teach 1 year olds the color blue…

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Recommended Books:

We read this book everyday! It is definitely one of our favorites!

Activities to teach 1 year olds the color blue:

water play to teach 1 year olds the color blue

Water play is a great way to get little ones engaged and focused. It is one of Little Miss’ favorite activities!

This is a great activity to do outside on a warm summer’s day as well!

To set up water play, all you need is a bin large enough your little one can play with the water inside and some toys or objects for play. Here is what we included in our blue water bin:

  • Water
  • Scoops
  • Bowl
  • Blue balls
  • Blue ice cubes

(To make blue ice cubes, simply add blue food coloring to water, add it to an ice tray, and freeze. This is a fun way to keep the water cool and turn the water blue!)

Here are some ideas for water play:

  • Scoop the water into the bowl
  • Add different objects to the water to see what floats and sinks
  • Splash the water with hands or feet
  • Add a washcloth and squeeze the water out of the cloth
painting a blue truck to teach 1 year olds the color blue

Painting is another excellent activity for teaching colors to toddlers. It is a great fine motor activity, helps develop creativity, and can be a sensory experience as well.

For this activity, we painted a blue truck in honor of The Little Blue Truck. You can get your own blue truck coloring page in our Colors Activity Bundle.

toddler with blue playdough to teach the color blue

Playdough is another awesome facilitator for learning color. We pulled out the blue dough and worked fine motor skills by stretching, squishing, and poking it. We also made blue moustaches and rolled it into blue snakes. As we manipulated the dough, we talked about the color and what it felt like.

blue collage to teach 1 year olds the color blue

Make a collage of blue with contact paper. Simply cut out a sheet of contact paper and peel the back off it so the sticky side faces up. Then add a border of blue construction paper for something to hold onto. Then let your little one add all kinds of blue things to the paper, creating a collage.

Here are some ideas for items to provide for the collage:

  • Paper scraps
  • Stickers
  • Buttons
  • Tissue paper
  • Sequins

Looking for more Ways to teach the color blue?

Sing and Play

We love incorporating music into our playtime. Play songs like Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Moon, Blue Velvet, and Blue Eyes while you play or do some of these other suggested activities. Don’t forget to dance and boogy, a great gross motor activity!

Treasure Boxes

This is one of Little Miss’ favorite activities. Fill a box with blue things like balls, rings, balloons, ribbons, crayons, paper, etc. Allow your little on to play independently, exploring all the items and then show them different ways to play.

Finding the color blue

Take a walk and look for blue things. Read books and I ask your little one to point to the blue things. Look for the color blue around the house.

Check out our other color learning activities on the blog:

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