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What is the first thing you think of when you think of sharks? I think of their dorsal fin and their teeth! So what more perfect way to celebrate Shark Week than to make some shark teeth necklaces of our own! And if you want even more Shark Week fun, check out my post here!

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What you need to make shark teeth necklaces:

  • Salt dough
  • String or ribbon
  • Chopstick (or something else to poke holes)
  • Dull needle

First, you need to make a batch of salt dough.

You can read a whole post on making salt dough in this post, along with more in depth instruction for making shark teeth:

How to Make Salt Dough Shark Teeth With Toddlers

Using a triangle cookie cutter or plastic knife, cut out your shark teeth in whatever size you want.

Second, poke holes in your shark teeth.

Using a chopstick or something else small and round, poke holes in the top edge of the shark teeth. You want the holes to be large enough for your kiddo to be able to thread string through, so plan accordingly!

Third, Bake the shark teeth.

See the post above for details.

shark teeth for shark teeth necklaces

Next, It’s time to find the shark teeth for your shark teeth necklaces!

If you are out hunting for real shark teeth, you look in the sand by the ocean, but since we are making our own shark teeth, we have to make our own sand. (See how we like to make our own taste-safe sand here) Little Miss loved digging through the sand to find her shark teeth!

digging for shark teeth before making shark teeth necklaces

Last, Thread the shark teeth onto the string!

Once your toddler finds all their shark teeth, it is time to make the necklace! If desired, your kiddo can paint them or they are ready to go as is. Using the large, dull needle will make it easier for toddlers to get the string through the hole on the shark teeth.

toddler wearing shark tooth necklace

And there you have your very own shark teeth necklace! Little Miss was pretty excited to wear hers!

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