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This is one of the simplest projects on our blog. While we used these for our Safari Activity Plans, they are something that will stick around for future activities as well. Whether you are doing this activity with toddlers or bigger kids, this a nice, easy project for all to enjoy. Let’s learn how to make binoculars!

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What you Need:

  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Paint or markers
  • Brushes
  • Glue
  • Yarn
  • Hole Punch
  • Decorating supplies such as glitter (optional)
learning how to make binoculars with toilet paper rolls, paint, and paint brushes

How to Make Binoculars out of toilet paper rolls:

Before doing this project we read the story Starry Safari and talked about what it would be like to go on a Safari and see all the animals. Then I told Little Miss we might need some binoculars to be able to see the animals that are far away. Now that our project is set up, let’s make some binoculars!

First, decorate the toilet paper rolls.

Little Miss picked pink and purple for her binoculars.

At first, she wanted me to hold the roll for her so she could paint, but then I showed her how to use one finger to hold it steady and they other hand to paint. This is a skill our toddlers need to learn, so this is a great opportunity to purposely enforce this skill.

how to make binoculars with toddlers
how to make binoculars and decorate them

Next, add any other details to the toilet paper rolls.

Little Miss wanted to add glitter to her binoculars and we found this method to be the least messy.

I sprinkled some glitter onto a paper towel and she simply rolled the still wet toilet paper rolls through the glitter.

Your little one could also use stickers, markers, etc to decorate their binoculars however they want!

When they are done decorating the toilet paper rolls it is time to let them dry completely.

Finish the Binoculars.

When the paint is completely dry, it is time to glue the toilet paper rolls together.

If you are doing this project with a toddler, I would recommend doing this step with them. Bigger kids could do this on their own.

Put glue along one side of one of the rolls and then squeeze the two tubes together, making sure the sides are even. When they are secure, set them down to dry completely.

When the glue has dried, use the hole punch to make a hole on each side of the tubes and thread the yarn through for the binocular’s strap.

how to make binoculars out of toilet paper rolls

Now it’s time to go find some stuff! We used these binoculars for our Alphabet Safari activity, looking for animals, and of course just looking out the window. Little Miss loves using her binoculars and I’m sure your kiddo will, too. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @blueberriesmash so we can see your creations!

toddler with toilet paper roll binoculars

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