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As we explore North America, our little ones get to learn about a lot of different animals, including the wolf. For this project they also get to learn a new art technique to make silhouettes! Learn how to make this wolf art project for toddlers for your next craft day.

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What you need:

pastels, wolf silhouette, and scissors for wolf art project for toddlers

How to make this wolf art project for toddlers:

First, add the silhouette.

Cut out the silhouette of the wolf from the printable. Then, using a light tape, like washi tape or painters tape, tape the silhouette to the middle of the paper

toddler using pastels for wolf art project for toddlers

Next add the background.

Using pastels, color around the wolf to add a background.

Allow your toddler to choose their colors and how they color their background. However, working along with them and making your own wolf silhouette will encourage them to keep working and try to fill their page with color.

Finishing touches!

When they have filled as much space around the wolf as they can, carefully remove the wolf silhouette, leaving a clean outline around the wolf. Encourage them to add any other finishing touches they would like!

silhouette wolf art project for toddlers

Draw a big “W” on the opposite side of their paper and have them trace and color the letter.

silhouette wolf art project for toddlers

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