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Learning about the rainforest through art is a fun way to get your little ones interested and involved. This rainforest multimedia art project not only reinforces letter recognition with the letter “R” but can be used to learn about the different parts of the rainforest as well. Do this project along with our others in the Rainforest Adventure Activity Plan to learn even more about the rainforest and who lives there!

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What You Need:

  • Paint
  • Large paper
  • Brush
  • Cardboard squares
  • Green paper scraps or strips
supplies for rainforest multimedia art project with toddler's hands

How to Make a Rainforest Multimedia Art Project:

We recommend reading the The Great Kapok Tree before beginning this project. Talk about what the rainforest looks like, how tall the trees are, and what animals live there.

First, make the tree trunks.

Using the cardboard squares, drag them through the brown paint, making sure there is plenty of paint picked up on the edge of the cardboard. Then drag the paint down on the paper, making tree trunk shapes.

Make as many trees as you want across the paper, picking up more paint as needed.

painting tree trunks with cardboard for rainforest multimedia art project
rainforest multimedia art project with paper and paint

Add the greenery.

Next add the greenery around the trees.

Start with the tree tops. Little Miss wanted to use shredded paper for her tree tops, but your little one may want to use paper scraps, let their creativity guide them.

Use other paper shapes to add bushes and other greenery around the trees, just like in the real rainforest.

Add finishing Touches!

Add any finishing touches! Feel free to add an animal in the trees, the letter “R” for rainforest or any other ideas your little one may have.

rainforest multimedia art project with letter "R" for rainforest

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