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Peacocks are eye-catching birds, so they earned a place in our Beautiful Birds Activity Plans. The feathers make this bird stand out in a crowd and they are the focus of this art project. This can be used as a letter recognition activity for preschoolers or as a stand alone Peacock project!

What You Need for this letter recognition activity:

How to Do It:

First, Make the peacock feathers.

Spray the white paper lightly with water. Then lay pieces of the tissue paper over the paper, making sure they stick. Fill the whole paper with tissue paper, spraying more water as needed to make sure every piece is wet and sticks to the paper.

When the whole paper is filled with tissue paper, set it aside to dry.

The tissue papers will easily fall off the paper when it is completely dry. Remove all the tissue papers and you will have a lovely tie-dye like pattern on your paper.

Now, cut the paper into strips for the feathers!

Now it is time to draw the peacock.

First, draw an oval for the body of the peacock.

Then draw a circle on the top of the oval for the head.

Next, add eyes and a beak.

This is a very simple drawing of a peacock perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. If you are doing this project with bigger kids, show them pictures of peacocks and help them look for other details that can make the peacock more realistic, such as the crest or feet.

Now, Let’s put it all together!

First, draw a circle in the center of the page. This will show the child where to glue the ends of their feathers, keeping them centered.

Start gluing all the feathers with one end touching the circle and the other ends fanning out, just like a peacock’s tail.

When all the feathers are glued to the paper, glue the body of the peacock on top of the feathers, making sure it covers the ends of the feathers in the center circle.

Finishing touches to make this a letter recognition activity!

The last step is to add the letter “P” to the opposite side of the paper and add any finishing touches that your kiddo desires! Now you have a fabulous “P” is for Peacock!

Peacock letter recognition activity

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