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For our week of fashion and design activities for toddlers, we made several fashion inspired projects, including this adorable fringe skirt! This is an awesome fine motor skills activity for toddlers because they get to practice cutting, gluing, and designing. If your toddler isn’t ready to cut yet, you can encourage those skills by encouraging them to rip their paper in straight lines! And even better, at the end you have a prop for more creative play! Let’s get into this fine motor skills activity!

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What you need:

  • Paper (whatever color they want to use)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sticky velcro dots
  • Optional: glitter, stickers, etc for decorating

How to make the fringe skirt:

fine motor skills activity: cutting on lines

First, draw lines on the paper and cut out strips.

Alternatively, you can cut out these paper strips prior to introducing the project to your kiddos.

We did a variety of colors, but let your kiddo pick out what they want to use!

Have fun and make the edges of the strips different shapes!

If you are cutting out the strips, your toddler can practice their cutting skills by cutting out scraps of paper or even rip them if they aren’t ready for scissors yet. These scraps can be used for decorating the skirt later!

Second, glue the waistband together.

For Little Miss, we glued 2 paper strips together to make it long enough to get around her waist. This will vary for each kiddo. Simply hold the paper strips around their waist and see how long it needs to be to wrap all the way around.

toddler gluing as a fine motor skills activity

Third, Add the paper strips to the waistband.

Glue one end of each strip to the waistband of the skirt.

Next, decorate the skirt.

Decorate using paper scraps, glitter, beads, sequins, wherever your creativity takes you!

Last, complete the waistband.

Once your kiddo is happy with their skirt it is time to fasten the waistband. We used adhesive velcro dots. You could also use glue or tape but this may make it difficult to take the skirt on and off.

Your fringe skirt is complete!

Now it’s time to have a party or go shopping or dance so you can show off your beautiful new skirt!

fringe skirt: a fine motor skills activity

This project is perfect for working on fine motor skills such as ripping, cutting, and gluing. The beauty of it is, your toddler will enjoy every minute of it as long as you let them enjoy the creative process, too!

Post your beautiful fringe skirts on instagram and tag us @blueberriesmash so we can see your projects!

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