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Flying is fascinating to toddlers. Whether it’s birds or airplanes, they love to look up in the sky and watch as they move through the air. While learning about vultures in our North America Activities, we learned about how big their wings are, so it was a great opportunity to create our own flying birds craft.

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Recommended Book:

This book was a real hit with Little Miss. The illustrations are beautiful and the text is easy to learn and understand for little ones.

What you need for the flying birds craft:

  • Clothespins
  • Vulture cut outs
  • Watercolor, markers, or other coloring utensils
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Download your vulture cut-outs here!

How to Make Clothespin Flying Birds craft:

First, Paint the vultures.

After download and printing the vulture cut outs, let your little one paint or color the birds.

We liked looking at the pictures of the vultures in our V is for Vulture book for inspiration.

When they are finished and all dry, cut out the vultures.

Glue the vultures together.

First, glue the body of the vulture to the length of the clothespin.

Then, fold the wings upwards. Next, take the small strip of paper and glue it to the clothespin and across the wings, making sure the wings stay in the upward position the entire time.

Set the vultures aside to dry completely. Liquid glue works best for this step since it is stickier.

toddler putting together flying birds craft with paper and clothespins
toddler gluing together flying birds craft with paper and clothespins

Enjoy your flying birds craft!

Once the vultures are completely dried to the clothespin, your birds are ready to fly! Simply open and close the clothespin to make the wings flap up and down, just like a real bird!

flying birds craft with clothespins and paper

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