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With Shark Week just a few weeks away, sharks are the name of the game! Literally. This Feed the Shark activity is perfect for toddlers! Get your toddlers involved from start to finish. Practice painting and creativity, cooperation, learning, and more with this awesome activity! Let’s get into it!

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Materials for Feed the Shark Activity

feed the shark activity painting materials

How to Make Feed the Shark Activity

If you are doing this project with a toddler, I would recommend drawing the shark and cutting out the mouth before introducing the activity. Draw the outline of the shark’s head on the body of the box, the pectoral fins on the box flaps, and the teeth in the middle of the head. Using a craft knife, cut out the teeth so there is a hole in the middle of the box.

painting a box for the feed the shark activity

First, Paint the shark.

Let your toddler decide what color or colors they want to use to paint their shark. This helps with creativity and independence!

Second, Paint the Background around the shark.

If your toddler likes the box plain, this is fine too, but painting the background helped to define the outer edge of the shark body a little more. I would recommend something with contrast. We used blue for the shark and black for the body, which was a little too close in color, but it still turned out cute!

feed the shark activity

Third, allow the shark to dry.

After the paint is dry, go back and add a few details, like eyes and nose. If you are doing this with a bigger kiddo, let them do this and encourage them to decorate the shark however they want. With a toddler, it may be better for you to add the little details. Don’t forget to cut out the pectoral fins, too!

using feed the shark activity to practice letter identification

Now, Play!

Enjoy your shark box! We practiced letter identification, numbers identification, and color identification. The shark loved eating Little Miss’ toys! This also works as a mask and it is great for creative play!

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