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Making musical instruments with toddlers is a great way to expose them to different cultures, sounds, movements, and creative play! Little kiddos love music and when they get to make that music themselves, it is even more exciting. This didgeridoo project can be modified to meet different ages and skills and is sure to be a fun one for all kids. Let’s make a didgeridoo!

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What you need to make a didgeridoo:

  • Large cardboard tube
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes, q-tips, daubers, etc for painting

How to make a didgeridoo:

First, paint your cardboard tube.

Using whatever tool your child wants, paint the cardboard tube all over.

Use this as an opportunity to show them how to use one hand to hold the tube still and paint the surface with the other hand. This is great practice for motor skills!

toddler make a didgeridoo out of cardboard tube
make a didgeridoo diy

Then, add details!

When the first layer of paint has dried it is time to add details. If you are doing this project with bigger kids, show them some pictures of didgeridoos for inspiration.

After looking at didgeridoos, Little Miss noticed lots of dots and stripes, so she incorporated those into her design.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Use q-tips for dots
  • Wrap washi tape around the tube
  • Use stickers to decorate
  • Stamp designs on the tube

After the didgeridoo is decorated, let it dry completely standing upright to keep the designs from smudging.

Now, go play your didgeridoo!

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