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There is a lot of green in the world around us. Leaves are green. The grass is green. Frogs are green. Little Miss has loved the color green since she was very small. She loves being outside, so I think that is why. These activities are awesome for helping toddlers learn colors and other important skills!

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Book Suggestions to help toddlers learn colors:

A wonderful story with sturdy flaps for little hands. One of our favorites!

Toy suggestions to help toddlers learn colors:

These frog toys are perfect for little hands to play with. Use them in water for sensory play or for creative play!

Perfectly cuddly and fun to play with, plus the color green!

Activities to help toddlers learn colors:

Music is a very effective learning tool. To start off the week, listen to the song Bein’ Green by Kermit the Frog. You can even use a Kermit the Frog toy to act out the song! Then talk about what color frogs are.

Sing Five Green and Speckled Frogs with your toddler. Again, use a toy frog and talk about what color the frog is. Acting out the songs will keep their attention and give them a memory aid. And singing with your kiddo is good for both of you!

green treasure box full of green toys to help toddlers learn colors

Fill a box or bin or tray with green toys. Here are some suggestions:

  • Toy frogs 
  • Blocks
  • Balloons
  • Balls

Allow your toddler to have free play time, exploring the “treasures” in their treasure box. Remember to talk about what the toys look like, feel like, smell like, and that they are the color green!

Throughout the week you can pull each of these things out of the box to play with and explore further. For example: practice rolling the balls, building with blocks, or singing your songs with the frogs.

help toddler learn colors by painting green frog

Incorporating painting or other art forms into your weekly schedule has so many benefits, including teaching color! You can print out the frog picture we painted here. Provide your little one with paint and a brush, sponge, dauber, etc. Yes, some of the paint will end up on them, you, the table, the floor, etc (sigh) but that’s all part of the experience, right? If your toddler still likes to put everything in their mouth, use taste safe paint or put it in a baggie and let them smoosh it around. Again, talk about what color they are using throughout the process.

Water play is another huge learning through play tool. To incorporate into your green activities, use green food coloring to make the water green. Add green frogs, balls, rocks, etc to the water and allow them to explore. Here is a suggestion for a super fun activity:

Put a rectangle brown foam sheet in the water for the floating “log” or use a flat piece of wood. Then add 3 little frogs and sing Three Green and Speckled Frogs as you act it out.

Do this on a nice day outside to minimize mess and soak up that extra sunshine!

Go for a walk in the neighborhood or at the park and find all the green things. Look for green cars, the green grass, green trees, etc.

If your toddler is past the “everything in their mouth” stage, playdough is a great activity to incorporate into your week. If they still like to put things in their mouth, make taste safe playdough.

Get out the green playdough and show them how to roll, squish, and stretch it. Not only are you working on their fine motor skills and finger strength, but if you continue to use the “green” vocabulary, you are cementing the idea of the color green even further.

help toddler learn colors green collage

Provide a mixture of green craft materials to your toddler for collage art. You can use contact paper for a sticky surface or stick glue. Allow them to exercise their creativity and make beautiful art! You may need to show them what they can do if you have never done this type of project with them before. Again, use “green” vocabulary as you work!

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