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With these step by step instructions your little one’s will learn how to draw birds and create their home, too! This is a great arts and crafts project for little one’s who are learning the letter “N” for nest, but if you are doing this with bigger kids, just skip that part and enjoy the process of creating a nest and birds! As part of our Birds Activity Plans, this is a great way to start out the month learning about habitats for birds.

What you Need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Marker or pencil
  • Optional: feathers, leaves, strings, etc for nest materials

How to make A Bird’s Nest:

First, cut out nest papers.

Cut out a lot of strips and different shapes of paper for the nest. Use brown paper for sticks and scraps.

Talk about what a bird might use to make their nest, even looking at pictures for examples.

Next glue the best materials to the paper.

Give your child a brown oval for the basic shape of the nest. This will give them a framework to work off of. Then glue the scraps and strips of paper they cut out around the oval to make the nest.

They can also use feathers, leaves, strings, etc for their nest, just like a real bird!

How to Draw Birds for Kids:

how to draw birds with kids

First, draw a circle for the head.

how to draw birds with kids

Then draw a line coming out from the circle for the back.

how to draw birds with kids

Draw a bowl shape from the end of the line to the circle. Show your toddler how it looks like a sidewise “D”.

how to draw birds with kids

Draw a triangle on the corner for the tail.

how to draw birds with kids

Don’t forget to draw the beak.

how to draw birds with kids

Finish with wings, eyes, and legs! Cut out the bird and glue them in the nest!

Add the “N” and Finishing Touches!

Cut out and glue down the “N” to the paper. Let your child add whatever finishing touches they would like to their nest picture.

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