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Making prints with kids is a simple painting activity to do with kiddos of all ages. There are several different methods of making prints, but with this project we keep it simple enough for toddlers to be able to do on their own. This project is a part of our Rainforest Adventure Activity Plans, so we made a Blue Morpho butterfly, but of course you can do any color of butterfly your little one desires!

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What You need to make butterfly prints:

  • Paints
  • Paper
  • Brushes
  • Butterfly drawing
using paint, paper, and brushes for making prints with kids

How to Make Butterfly Prints:

making prints with kids toddler painting butterfly

First, paint one side of the butterfly.

Fold the paper with the butterfly on it down the middle so one side shows just half of the butterfly.

Paint only half of the butterfly. We used blue and black for our blue Morpho butterfly.

Next, fold the paper the opposite way.

When the butterfly half is all painted, before the paint dries, fold the paper in the opposite way so the paint is not all on the inside of the folded paper.

The painted side of the paper will touch the unpainted side making a print of the wing.

making prints with kids, toddler folding paper
butterfly print

Open the paper to see your completed butterfly!

Unfold the paper and you will now see a print of the butterfly wing, making one whole symmetrical butterfly!

This butterfly can be cut out and glued on another piece of paper with a background or left as is. Your little one could also add glitter or other designs to the butterfly wings if they want more details after making the print. Their creativity is the limit!

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