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Let’s learn about giraffe’s this week! Did you know giraffe’s are the tallest land mammal? Did you know their tongues are very tough so they can eat off of the prickly acacia tree? You can learn so much about giraffe’s this week and encourage your child’s development, creativity, and curiosity. These 5 giraffe activities with toddlers are super fun and great for the little zoologist or animal lover!

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Book Recommendations:

A wonderful story with a wonderful moral! The board book edition is the perfect size for little hands. Check out our matching activity below!

One of Little Miss’ favorites! Beautiful illustrations and a fun story!

Another cute story with a nice lesson. There are so many activities that can be incorporated with this story. Check out our ideas below!

A book we would love to add to our collection!

A story of friendship. The illustrations are very interesting and fun!

Toy Recommendations for Giraffe activities with toddlers :

Schleich baby giraffe. Adorable and so realistic!

Schleich mama giraffe. Little Miss loves her giraffe family!

Schleich daddy giraffe. Wouldn’t be complete without the daddy.

Giraffe family – we don’t have this set but it looks pretty realistic and would be a little cheaper than Schleich.

Giraffe Activities with Toddlers Plan:

giraffe books for giraffe activities for toddlers

You can find links for each of these books in the above Book Recommendations section. Here are some Activity Ideas for each book:

  • Giraffes Can’t Dance: Put on music and dance like a giraffe or make rain sticks that look like giraffes!
  • Neck & Neck: Decorate balloons to look like giraffes, go to the zoo and read the story by the giraffe enclosure, make a giraffe tower as tall as a giraffe (see below).
  • Just Like My Brother: Using giraffe toys, act out the story, play hide and seek with your giraffes!
  • Oh Dear Geoffrey: Use the pictures as inspiration for a painting, talk about what a true friend is, use the story as a springboard for creative play.
creative play giraffe activities with toddlers

After learning about what giraffes like to eat, how tall they are, and where they live, engage in some creative play! Find something in your craft supplies that can be used for giraffe food. Make your giraffes a house. Create a zoo with blocks. The options are endless when you give your child a few toys and an open ended idea!

giraffe rain sticks for giraffe activities with toddlers

After reading Giraffes Can’t Dance, it is time to prove they can! Make these beautiful rain sticks out of paper rolls to make your own music!

Full tutorial here!

building a tower for giraffe activities with toddlers

Can you make a tower as tall as a giraffe? How tall is a giraffe anyway? After reading Neck & Neck, it is a great time to talk about how big giraffes are, what they like to eat, and see if you can make a tower as tall and long as a giraffe neck!

letter g craft for giraffe activities with toddlers

This super cute Giraffe craft will help your toddlers learn the letter G. All you need is some paper, paints or markers, and glue to make this adorable and educational craft.

See how to teach your toddlers the letter G here.

Want more animal activities? Check them out here!

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