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Seahorses are fascinating creatures, especially for little ones. After reading about seahorses, this project is a perfect way to exercise some creativity and learn a little about these cute little creatures. Little ones will love this seahorse art project, part of our Under the Sea activity plans.

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Materials List for seahorse art project:

  • Seahorse printable (download below)
  • Watercolor
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Download your free Seahorse printable here!

How to make a hidden seahorse art project:

We recommend reading the book Secret Seahorse before beginning this project. Look at the pictures of the seahorses and try to find them throughout the book! Talk about where seahorses live and where you may see them in the ocean!

First, paint the seahorse!

This project is great for letting little ones experiment with watercolors.

First, give them a palette of watercolor paint, a small cup of clean water, and a brush. Then, encourage them to paint the whole seahorse, trying to stay in the lines as they do so. Show them how the colors can mix and blend, creating a beautiful seahorse!

When they are finished painting the seahorse, set it aside to dry.

child painting seahorse art project with watercolor
child gluing seahorse art project
seahorse art project with seahorse and seaweed

Hide the Seahorse

While the seahorse is drying cut out seaweed to hide the seahorse in.

Next, cut out the seahorse and glue it to a blue piece of construction paper.

Glue the seaweed over the seahorse, giving it somewhere to hide.

Add finishing touches!

When your little one is finished adding the seaweed to their picture, encourage them to add any other creative elements.

Little Miss wanted to hide her seahorse behind a big orange rock as pictured here.

Enjoy finding your hidden seahorse!

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