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Toucans are one of the most easily recognizable birds of the rainforest. With their large beaks and bright colors, they are so fun to look at and create! This toucan paper craft for toddlers will strengthen their cutting and gluing skills, but will also let them learn about this beautiful bird! “T” is for Toucan is a great project for preschoolers and kids of all ages who love the rainforest! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Rainforest Adventure Activity Plans for more Rainforest fun!

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What You Need for the Toucan Paper Craft:

  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Toucan outline
toucan paper craft supplies

How to make the Toucan Paper Craft:

We recommend starting off by looking at toucans and talking about the colors. We read the book Toucans, Too and also looked at our Schleich Toucan for inspiration.

First, cut the paper strips.

Let your preschoolers decide what color toucan they want to make. Little Miss chose a black, orange, and yellow one. Some toucans have more colors which could be fun if you are doing this with a child that loves to cut and glue and has a longer attention span!

Cut random shapes of paper in the colors of the toucan. If your little one isn’t ready for scissors, ripping the paper works as well.

toddler cutting paper for toucan paper craft
toddler gluing paper on toucan paper craft

Glue the Papers to the toucan.

Start gluing the papers down where they belong on the toucan. Use pictures or toys for reference.

The papers will not line up exactly and the colors may not go exactly where they are supposed, too.

Encourage your toddler to look at the picture and try to match, but still give them freedom to create!

Next add the eye and other details.

When the toucan is filled with papers, let your toddler paint or draw an eye on their toucan.

They can add other details like feather details or designs if they would like to as well.

toddler painting on toucan paper craft

Add finishing touches to Your Toucan Paper Craft!

Glue the “T” to the other side of the paper if you are using this as a letter recognition activity. Paint the “T” to practice the shape.

Green paper or paint could be added to the background of the toucan to show leaves or trees as well!

toucan paper craft

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