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Fall is a great time to get outside, enjoy the crisp air, and soak up every last little bit of sunshine before the snowy, cold days of Winter arrive. But sometimes it is hard to figure out what to do on these sunny blue sky days. Check out this ultimate fall bucket list for families with our favorite fall activities for toddlers!

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Download your printable fall bucket list by clicking here!

Outdoor Fall Activities for Toddlers

Go apple picking! (and climb the tree while you are at it!)

Make apple cider over a fire

Visit a corn maze or fall festival

Jump in a pile of leaves

Roast marshmallows

Have a bonfire

Go to a pumpkin patch

Go for a forest walk

Collect different colors of leaves

Go for a family bike ride

Go on a camping trip

Cooking and Baking Fall Activities

Apple pie

Apple butter or apple sauce

Pumpkin pie

Caramel corn

Hot cocoa

What would you add to this fall bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!

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