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For our fashion week of activities, we made skirts, shoes, dyed fabric and more fun projects. Now we can add this art project to the list. This nail painting fine motor art activity for preschoolers is great for practicing fine motor skills and creativity. And it is actually fun for all ages and can be modified to fit every child’s skills level.

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What you need for nail painting Fine Motor art Activity

  • Watercolor or tempera paint
  • Dark marker (water resistant is best) or dark crayon
  • Stickers, glitter, etc
  • Large paper
  • Your hands!

How to do The Fine Motor art Activity

If you would like to do a warm up project or keep things super simple, download our nail art printable for free here!

First, outline hands on the paper.

Let your kiddo choose their paper color and then outline their hands. In a classroom setting, if you are doing this with older kids, they can have a buddy help them.

A water resistant marker or crayon is good for this step because they won’t smear once we add wet paint.

outline hands for process art for preschool kids

Add as many hands as you would like to the paper and then add fingernails.

At this point, the child can be creative and add rings, bracelets, watches, etc to the hands as well!

painting process art for preschool kids


Now it’s time to just paint! This is great fine motor work for little kids since it takes a lot of practice to get the paint in the small areas.

Once the paint is dry extra pieces like glitter, stickers, paper scraps can be added. Designs can also be added over the paint if desired!

While this project is relatively simple, it packs a big developmental punch! Fine motor skills are working overtime during this project, as well as creativity and independent thinking.

For younger kids, keep it simple by just painting nails and adding stickers. Older grade school age kiddos can add more design elements, even filling in the background with things the hands could be reaching for. Let them run with the idea!

We would love to see your completed projects! Tag us on instagram @blueberriesmash or send us your pictures through email at!

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