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Being able to draw circles is a skill that comes with time, but what better way to practice then by making donuts! This donut craft for preschoolers practices fine motor skills and creativity and ends up in an adorable, fridge worthy picture. Using material that you probably already have on hand, this project is quick and simple, but will leave both you and your toddler feeling happy and ready for donuts!

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What you Need for your donut craft:

  • Construction paper in a variety of colors
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stickers or other decorative materials
  • Optional: something circle to trace
materials for donut craft for preschoolers includes paper, scissors, glue, and circles to trace

How to Make This Donut Craft for Preschoolers:

First, Draw the Circles.

We wanted to introduce the idea of tracing to Little Miss, so we showed her how to trace a circle using rings from her stacking toy.

Drawing the circles freehand is another great way to practice this skill.

After drawing the donuts, cut them out.

If you are doing this project with those less than 1 year, you could cut out the donuts before hand and just let them glue and decorate. (For other great circle activities for 1 year old’s, check out this post.)

toddler tracing a circle for donut craft for preschoolers
making donut craft for preschoolers with paper

Next, Assemble the donuts.

If you want frosting on your donuts, cut out extra ring shapes. Glue them on top of the donut “dough”.

Then glue the donuts to another piece of paper as the tray.

Last, decorate the donuts!

Use stickers, glitter, paper scissors, etc. to decorate the donuts. For sprinkles you can cut out tiny strips of paper to glue on. Let your kiddos creativity run wild!

toddlers donut craft for preschoolers
cute donut craft for preschoolers

After making those donuts, I bet you want to eat some, too, huh? Or am I the only one?

Post the pictures of your delectable donuts on Instagram and tag us @blueberriesmash so we can see them! We love to see how others make our projects come to life!

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