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Bees are fun to create with kids because of their stripes and simple shape. This bee craft for preschoolers combines the bee with the letter “B” to help little ones learn to recognize the letter and the sound.

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what you need:

How to do The Bee Craft for Preschoolers:

Before beginning, cut a large oval out of the yellow construction paper and cut out the white “B”. Now you are ready to begin!

paint stripes on the bee.

First, talk about how bees have stripes and ask your toddler if they know what color bees are. Then, encourage them to make black stripes going down their bee’s body.

This is a great opportunity for your little one to practice making lines, which is an excellent fine motor skill to practice!

toddler painting black stripes on yellow oval for bee craft for preschoolers
toddler gluing white letter "B" on yellow paper for bee wings for bee craft for preschoolers

Add the wings.

Now it’s time to add the wings to our bee. The wings are in the shape of a “B”. First, talk about the letter and ask your little one what sound it makes and how it sounds at the beginning of the word “Bee”.

Glue the “B” to the top of the bee for the wings.

add the eyes.

No bee is complete without eyes! Using googly eyes for projects like this always makes it fun! Add large googly eyes to the bee to finish it off.

toddler adding googly eyes to yellow and black bee body for bee craft for preschoolers

add finishing touches.

Little Miss wanted to add a stinger to her bee, so allow your little one the opportunity to add other details to their bee if they have any ideas. Enjoy your adorable Bee is for “B”!

bee craft for preschoolers

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