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“Purple cat, purple cat, what do you see?” Our Brown Bear Activity Plans now include purple cat! This activity incorporates cutting, gluing, and creativity, perfect for your blossoming toddler or preschooler. Introduce them to the idea of mixed media with this purple cat collage art project for kids! There are many ways to modify this activity based on materials you have on hand and the ability of your kiddo, which will be outlined below.

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What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Purple paper or magazines
  • Large paper
  • Drawing of cat or cat stencil

How to make purple cat:

First, cut out the purple papers or pictures.

For our purple cats, we used garden magazines and cut out all the purple flowers. You can use any magazine with purple pictures or just purple paper that you cut into different shapes and sizes.

If your kiddo isn’t ready to cut on their own, you can have them tear out the purple pieces or you can cut them beforehand and have them ready to go.

Next, get your kitty ready.

This can be hand-drawn or you can download and print the cat pictures below!

The cat can be in any shape or size, but the bigger the spaces the better. Remember, we are gluing the purple pieces on the kitty so we need plenty of space to do that!

drawing of cat for collage art project for kids

Now, start glueing!

This is where the fun begins! Help your kiddo to see the lines of the cat and explain that we want to try to keep the purple pieces inside of the lines.

toddler gluing for art project for kids

This is great practice for coloring, too, since it helps them understand the concept of staying in a certain area.

purple cat collage art for kids

Finish the purple cat.

When the cat is completely filled in with purple, your kiddo can exercise their creativity and add eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Let them have fun with the project!

As an optional step, write the letter C on the opposite side of the paper and have them “trace” the letter with more purple pieces to make the letter C. Talk about how cat starts with a C.

purple cat collage art for kids

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