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Mountains are the subject of this arts and crafts project for toddlers. Cutting, gluing, and painting are all practiced and encouraged through this fun activity! As part of our North America activities, painting these mountains is a great opportunity to talk about another amazing habitat and what animals might live there.

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What you Need:

  • 2 pieces of painting paper
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Painting Utensils
  • Optional: mountain drawing practice sheet

How to Do This Arts and Crafts Project for Toddlers:

First, paint the mountains.

Using one of the pieces of painting paper, cover the entire surface with paint.

Provide browns, white, blacks, blues, and purples for the mountains. Allow your little one the freedom to experiment with the colors and different painting utensils such as brushes, brayers, hands, etc to create texture and enjoy the process.

Set the paper aside to dry when it is filled with color.

toddler painting arts and crafts project for toddlers

Next, paint the background.

On the second piece of painting paper, create a background.

Little Miss and I used purple and blues to make a night sky background. Your little one can choose to make whatever sky they would like.

Add details like the moon, sun, stars, clouds, etc to the sky!

Cut out the mountains.

While you are waiting for the mountains to dry, use the opportunity to practice drawing mountain shapes using our printable worksheets.

On the back of the mountain paper, let your little one draw their own mountains and then cut them out, trying to stay as close to the line as they can.

toddler drawing zig zags for arts and crafts project for toddlers

Add the mountains to the background.

After cutting out the mountains, show your little one how to glue the mountains to their background, layering the mountains to look like a big mountain range. (It is helpful to have an example like the one pictured for them to see how to do this.)

Add snow peaks or any other finishing touches to the mountains.

Add finishing touches!

Allow your little one the time to add any other finishing touches they would like to their mountainscape!

mountains arts and crafts project for toddlers

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