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As Springtime approaches and we hear the birds singing, it is the perfect time to use learn more about them. This month is full of bird activities from songbirds to owls to peacocks to parrots. Your toddler or preschooler is sure to love this full month of activity and so are you. Easy to prepare and fun to do, each activity is designed to work with your child’s development and creativity!

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Book Recommendations:

This is one of Little Miss’ favorite books and it is great for incorporating into this month’s activities!

The sounds for this book are very realistic! Little Miss loves reading about the different birds and then hearing their sounds.

Beautiful pictures with easy to understand text for your little bird lover!

Toy Recommendations:

While this puzzle isn’t very complicated, it is still fun for toddlers and it is great for being able to talk about the different parts of birds.

This is one of the best toys I have ever bought for Little Miss. She plays with it all the time and it is great for practicing lots of different skills!

These birds are pretty realistic looking and a nice size for sensory bins and activities!

Bird Activities:

The bird sensory bin is the perfect way to start the month of birds. The sensory filler was birdseed and we included birds from our bird toy, scoops, wooden bowls, feathers, and fishing worms. Here are some ideas for this sensory bin:

  • Encourage them to engage in creative play with the birds
  • Feed the birds worms or seeds
  • Play hide and seek with the worms in the seeds
  • Free play!

Nature walks are great ways to encourage your kiddos to take another look at the world around them and get their creative juices flowing. As you go on a nature walk look for birds and talk about what colors they are and what they sound like. Look for feathers, interesting sticks, rocks etc. Collect some of those sticks and interesting materials for another activity!

Using clay or playdough and sticks, leaves, feathers, etc build a bird’s nest! (For extra credit, make your own homemade clay in the morning and then do this project in the afternoon!)

After reading Bird Builds a Nest, talk about what the bird used to make her nest. Then, allow them to create their own nest with the provided materials. Talk about the nest and why they are making it the way they do as they create.

Using this puzzle and this printable, talk about the different parts of the bird. We printed the pages out in black and white so Little Miss could color them as we identified the parts of the bird.

Learn the letter “N” and more about nests with this super cute and fun project. Practice fine motor skills like cutting and gluing as well as teach your little how to draw a bird! And don’t worry, it is simple enough, if you don’t know how to draw a bird you will learn too!

The first of two process art activities for Bird Month, this one is sure to be fun for your toddler or preschooler (big kids will love it, too!).

Set up the space with paints, paper, and feathers. Then turn on bird sounds (just search on YouTube) and let the creative process begin! Little Miss liked putting her feather in water and then adding paint to give it a more watercolor look. We also enjoyed using the feathers like stamps to make patterns on the paper. Enjoy the process!

Learning about the bird’s life cycle is a large part of the activities for this month. There is no better way to do this then to get your little one’s hands involved. Make these clay eggs and paint them for an awesome activity that will give you plenty of opportunities to learn about birds and eggs. Use air dry clay or make your own!

Learn the letter “O” and how to draw an Owl with this arts and crafts project. Check out this post for complete directions and visual aid in how to draw an owl with a preschooler!

As your toddler learns about owls, they are sure to be fascinated by the fact that owls come out at night and can see in the dark. Little Miss was very interested in this and wanted to look for owls every night at dinner time!

Now, it’s your toddler’s turn to be like an owl. Hide toys in a dark room and then give them a flashlight. Show them how they can use the flashlight to find the hidden toys. Have fun with this exciting hide and seek game!

Another sensory bin with a snackable twist!

To set up, make sure your eggs are clean and then fill them with snacks. I added pretzels, nuts, dried fruit, a few chocolate chips and crackers to our eggs, but you can add whatever your little one’s favorite healthy snack is! Then add the eggs to the sensory bin with the seeds, worms, birds, etc.

If you would like to incorporate our “What do Bird’s Eat?” activity sheet into this activity, you can get it here in our worksheet bundle. This is a perfect time to talk about what bird’s eat and then let them go digging for their own snack!

You can get all the worksheets Little Miss and I used throughout this month of activities in our worksheet bundle. It includes letter recognition and practice and templates for many of our activities!

Make this adorable peacock and talk about the letter “P” with this toddler arts and crafts project. Best done over 2 days or 2 art sessions, this is a fun project that practices so many different skills!

How to Make a Peacock With Toddlers: Letter Recognition Activity

Process art is a great way to get your little one’s creative juices flowing. We used pictures of parrots as our inspiration for this process art activity.

Set out bright paint colors like blues, greens, yellows, and reds. You can also provide blacks and whites if your kiddo doesn’t get overwhelmed by too many colors. Then set out brushes, sponges, etc – Whatever materials they prefer to paint with. Then let the creativity flow!

The point of this activity is not to paint a bird, but to be inspired by the colors and shapes to create something, so let the process happen and see what they create.

Cooking and baking with your child is an excellent way to encourage the development of life skills and it can be so much fun. This “dirt dessert” is very simple and the perfect way to get your kiddo involved in the kitchen.

Find an easy to follow, kid friendly recipe for this Dirt Dessert in our worksheet bundle!

Here is our favorite recipe for Dirt Dessert.

This classic story comes to life with this easy and fun sequencing activity.

After reading the story, talk about all the animals the baby bird sees along the way. Then reread the story but ask your child to tell you which animal or thing the baby bird is going to find next! This activity will test their memory and set the stage for early math skills with patterning and sequencing.

You can get the Are You My Mother? sequencing cards in our Beautiful Birds Bundle.

“Q” is for Queen and Quail, so let’s make a Queen Quail for the letter “Q”!

Find the full activity plan here.

These clothespin birds couldn’t be cuter to create or more fun to play with. Using simple materials but lots of imagination, make this birdies with your kiddo and then find all the places to sit them around the house!

Find the full lesson here.

These DIY bird feeders are another great activity for practicing life skills (like the dirt dessert above). Your little one will get to practice scooping and pouring, mixing and measuring. Then they can hang them up outside and watch the birds come!

We followed this tutorial from

We hope you loved these Beautiful Bird Activities as much as we did! Don’t forget to check out Beautiful Birds Bundle for all the worksheets, activities, and coloring pages to go along with these activities!

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