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“Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? I see a red bird looking at me!” In our second activity of Brown Bear, we made the red bird. This painting idea for toddlers is great for practicing fine motor skills and introducing kiddos to new ways of creating. We used watercolor paints, but tempera paints will also work fabulously or you can even color with markers or crayons if you want to skip the mess of painting!

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What you need:

Get a free printable template/ Red Bird coloring sheet by clicking here!

How to Make A Red Feathered Bird:

First, paint the bird.

Using watercolors or tempera paints, paint the bird red. This is a good time to introduce watercolors since you are using just one color and it won’t turn into mud!

Encourage your kiddo to try to stay in the lines and paint the whole bird red!

watercolor painting idea for toddlers

Add feathers to the bird.

Once the paint is all dry, start to add feathers to the birds tail and wings.

We used white feathers but you could also use red feathers if you want to skip the painting of feathers in the next step.

Paint the Feathers.

When the glue is dry it is time to paint the feathers!

This is a great way to introduce the idea of different mediums and textures to kiddos. It also gives the feathers a very cool effect.

If you don’t want to paint the feathers, feel free to use red feathers.

painting idea for toddlers: painting a red bird with red feathers

The painting is finished when the feathers are dry. Enjoy this creative and fun painting project!

red bird with feathers painting idea for toddlers

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