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This polar bear craft is featured in our Arctic Animals Activity Plan. With just a few materials, this craft is cute, fun, and helps teach letter recognition of the letter A!

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Suggested Materials for the Polar Bear Craft:

How to Make The Polar Bear Craft:

First, glue down the polar bear.

After cutting out the polar bear, glue it to whatever color of construction paper the child chooses.

Glue the polar bear on one side of the paper so you have room for the letter A on the other side.

Start gluing the cotton balls to the polar bear.

toddler doing polar bear craft

*An easy way for toddlers to use liquid glue is to pour some on a paper plate and then allow them to dip the cotton balls in the glue and then put them on the paper!

Next, Make the letter A.

Using a marker, draw a capital letter A on the other side of the paper from the polar bear.

Show your toddler how they can outline the letter A with cotton balls!

Optional: write the word Arctic under the letter A and talk about how polar bears live in the Arctic, which starts with the letter A.

preschooler doing polar bear craft
completed polar bear craft for preschoolers

The finished project is so cute and your little one will love petting their polar bear!

For this project to have the greatest affect, talk about the letter A as they trace it with the cotton balls and ask them to tell you what the letter is. Little Miss knew the letter A perfectly after completing this project!

For added fun, read a polar bear story before completing the project. We love Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

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polar bear craft for preschoolers pinterest image

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