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Fall is finally here! It is my favorite season really. I love the cool air, the beautiful colors, and the cozy sweaters. Little Miss loves being outside, so I am excited to introduce her to fall now that she is really old enough to enjoy it. This week we will focus a lot on simple toddler activities that introduce new textures, ideas, and skills. It really will be a fun week, so please join us!

Also, go download our free fall bucket list for more fun fall ideas for the family.

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Recommended Books:

This is a neat book, however it doesn’t have a lot of words. Good for little ones who like to look at pictures more than read a story.

Fall Activities

A fun way to introduce our week of celebrating fall! Sing the song “Leaves are Falling Down” which is “London Bridge is Falling Down” but instead you say the leaves are falling down. 

Painting rocks is a great way to get your toddler’s creative juices flowing and bring the outdoors in and the indoors out!

Give your little one the freedom to paint their rocks and then put them where they want them. Save a few for the sensory bin later in the week!

Our fall themed sensory bin brought the outdoors in! Before making this sensory bin, go on a nature walk and find all things fall. Then come back and put it all together to keep the exploration going!

Make your sensory bin with…

  • Fall leaves
  • Pinecones
  • Toy animals like bugs, bears, etc
  • Painted rocks

Encourage your little one to dig through the leaves and find the animals or rocks. Practice color identification with the painted rocks. Crumple the leaves and listen to the sounds. Hold the pinecones and talk about what they feel like.

Using the leaves from the sensory bin or extra leaves make a beautiful fall themed painting!

First, glue the leaves onto the canvas. Then, add large dollops of red, green, and yellow paint onto the canvas. Encourage your little one to complete their painting. The extra textures of the leaves will get their creative juices flowing. Provide different materials, like the rocks or pinecones for stamping and spreading the paint to add another layer of creativity and sensory fun to this project.

Make some fall leaf cookies with cookie cutters!

Making cookies with little ones is always fun and is full of so many benefits. They can practice scooping, pouring, mixing, following directions, fine motor skills and more! It is also an awesome bonding experience for families to make and bake together.

Looking for more fall fun with kids?

  • Go outside and play in the leaves! Pick them up, put them in buckets, pour them out, kick them, run through them. All that great gross motor skill work is so much fun.
  • Complete a fall bucket list. Get ours for free here.

Check out some of our other activity plans great for fall…


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