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Pigs and flamingos. Both pretty in pink. This week’s activity plan is all about pink and helping our littles learn the color. Through arts and crafts, games, and creative play, your little one will learn the color pink and have fun doing it.

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Book Recommendations:

A cute little touch and feel book that gets our little ones to enjoy different sensory experiences.

While not exactly about the color pink, pigs are pink, so this book is included. A favorite of many toddlers!

A cute story about dinosaurs. Not all about the color pink, but a fun one for story time.

Toy Recommendations:

These pigs are used over and over and over in our house for activities.

This game is a favorite of Little Miss and great to have for lots of different activities.

Using the pink blocks from this set for activities throughout the week will give you more opportunity to talk about the color pink.

Pink activities:

pink toddler activities

It’s time to play with pigs! While playing, talk about what color the pigs are. Here are some ideas for creative play:

  • Sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm, having your toddler make the pig sound.
  • Teach your toddler how to say pink pig in ASL
  • Make a pink house for the pink pigs
  • Make the pigs “talk” to each other
pink toddler activities

Treasure Boxes are a great way to encourage your little one’s creativity and teach them new skills and ideas. For our pink treasure box, I gave Little Miss pink pigs, pink paper, pink playdough, and her blocks for building. Here are some play ideas for a treasure box:

  • Draw on the pink paper
  • Build a house for the pigs
  • Put the pigs in the pink playdough
  • Throw the pigs

While playing, talk about the color of what you are playing with so they are hearing the vocabulary while you play.

paint a pig pink toddler activities

Set up an invitation to paint a pink pig. First set out your paper and pink paint. Then provide a variety of tools for painting such as paint brushes, cotton balls, q-tips, and brayers. Allow your toddler the freedom to paint the picture as they want, not worrying about them staying in the lines. Talk about how they are using pink to paint their picture.

Get a pink coloring book with 4 different pages to choose from to paint by clicking here.

Painting allows toddler to practice so many different skills and gives them the opportunity to see the color in a different medium. They get to manipulate the color and learn about it through and through.

pink sensory bin pink toddler activities

Sensory bins are another great way for toddlers to learn and develop. For this sensory bin, make pink bubbles, add some pink toys and let them play. We used our pigs and added a wash clock to practice self care skills. Other ideas for pink sensory bins could include pink dyed rice, pink dye oatmeal, pink dyed noodles, or pink oobleck.

pink toddler activities

Being able to unwrap and peel is another milestone for our little people so this activity gives them the opportunity to practice. Wrap some pink toys or objects in pink wrapping paper and then give them to your toddler as a surprise. Encourage them to unwrap the object and then tell you what color it is! Offer help as needed.

pink toddler activities

Ripping paper is another fine motor skill for toddlers to practice. For this activity, give your little one some pink paper and encourage them to rip it up. When they are done ripping the paper, help them practice gluing the scraps onto another piece of paper. If you would like to take this project another step, give them pink paint, stickers, and other pink art supplies to finish their art work. You will have a beautiful multimedia project when they are finished!

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