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It’s time to start thinking Spring! We celebrated Spring with a whole week of activities and now we are celebrating some more with bunny rabbits. These toddler bunny activities are fun, cute, and will even work on developmental milestones!

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Book Recommendations:

A classic story for all families.

Another classic story in golden books!

A cute story with a bunny with a fluffy tail!

Toy Recommendations for toddler bunny activities:

It’s a bunny’s favorite food and it’s a great toy/puzzle for toddlers!

We always have to include our favorite Schleich animals and these bunnies are so cute! Great for sensory bins and creative play!

This bunny comes in several different colors through the Schleich website!

This bunny puzzle is so fun! My one suggestion is to make sure the pieces are organized according to the character. Otherwise it is overwhelming and difficult for toddlers to do. Each bunny has several mood faces, so this puzzle was perfect for talking about feelings. We talked about which face was happy, sad, and mad. This was really good for Little Miss to learn more about feelings and how we show them!

Toddler Bunny Activities:

toddler bunny activities sensory bin with fake grass and toys

Make this bunny sensory bin for your toddler. I added her bunnies, carrot toy, and fake grass to the bin. It would also be fun to add rabbit fur to this if you have it. Here are some play ideas:

  • Complete the carrot puzzle
  • Play hide and seek in the grass with the bunnies
  • Creative play
  • Explore the different textures
toddler bunny activities with playdough

Playdough is an amazing medium for creative play and fine motor skills! Little Miss used her bunnies to put footprints in the playdough first. Then she started sticking them in the playdough at different angles, experimenting with how she could set them up. Some other ideas could be to make food for the bunnies or a house for them.

toddler bunny activities with magnetic tiles

It is important to provide opportunities for creative play throughout the day. For this invitation for creative play, I provided Little Miss with Magnetic Tiles and her bunnies. Magnetic tiles are a favorite of many toddlers and bigger kids! Encourage them to try to build a house for the bunnies and see where this idea takes them.

toddler bunny crafts

Make this simple, fun, and quick bunny craft.

Check out the full instructions and get the free printable here.

toddler bunny story time activities

Guess How Much I Love You is a favorite story for many families. Have some fun story time by incorporating movement into the story. This can help kiddos be interested and engaged in the story. Here are some ideas:

  • Stretch your arms with baby nutbrown hare
  • Run far away when they talk about going down the lane

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