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Shark Week begins July 24, 2022! What better way to celebrate shark week than with a whole week of activities and crafts? These 5 shark week activities and crafts for toddlers are fun, easy, inexpensive, and can be easily adapted for older kiddos, too! Check it out!

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Book Recommendations for Shark Week:

Fun and informative! Great for bigger kids who want to learn more facts!

Engaging book for all ages. Not just sharks, but great for learning about the ocean, too!

What kid doesn’t love baby shark? Sing along with the book for a fun toddler activity!

A nice simple introduction to the ocean, sharks included!

I know, there is a little too much baby shark in this world, but this book includes dance moves, so it is perfect for getting the wiggles out!

We have yet to get Clark the Shark for ourselves, but the reviews are so great on this book, I felt I had to include it. It is on our list of books to buy!

Toy Recommendations for Shark Weeks Activities:

Schleich animals are a favorite around here. We have 2 of their sharks and they are so realistic, perfect for pretend play and learning about sharks.

Schleich Hammerhead Shark

Schleich Great White Shark

Discovery Shark Week Sharks

Shark Week Activities and Crafts for Toddlers:

shark week activities with water bin and fish

All you need is a bin, some water, some fish, and some sharks, and you have a fun and functional activity for your toddler! Ask your toddler to feed the sharks a certain color fish, arrange the fish in matching groups, practice counting, and talk about what sharks like to eat with one fun and easy activity. Provide a scoop or net to add some fine motor practice to the mix if desired!

feed the sharks line tracing shark week activities

Print out this line tracing activity here and help your toddler practice making diagonal and horizontal lines all while learning about what different sharks like to eat!

Get your Feed the Shark Line Tracing page here!
shark cardboard box

Paint and decorate your own shark out of a cardboard box. Then use it as a way to practice colors, numbers, letters or just playtime!

See how to do this project yourself here:

How to Make a Feed the Shark Activity With Toddlers

shark teeth shark week activities

Making shark teeth from salt dough is a fun and easy project to do with kids of all ages. Toddlers love to mix the dough and bigger kids will love decorating and shaping the teeth!

See how to make salt dough shark teeth here.

shark teeth necklace

Do a shark teeth dig and make shark teeth necklaces with this fun activity!

Get all the details here!

That wraps up our Shark Week activities! We hope you loved them all as much as we did!

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