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A little girl loves her horses. And who is to blame them? They are majestic and beautiful. If your toddler loves horses then you have come to the right place. This Activity Plan includes a whole week of horse activities for toddlers that are fun and educational.

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Book Recommendations for horse activities for toddlers:

A sweet story of a little colt that introduces little ones to the life cycle of a horse on a farm.

This finger puppet book is fun for little fingers to play with a learn about horses in a simple way.

If your toddler loves looking at real pictures and wants more facts, this is a great one!

Toy Recommendations for horse activities for toddlers:

The best gift for your little boy or girl who wants to ride is a hobby horse! Little Miss loves hers!

Melissa and Doug always have great quality toys and this one is no different. A nice beginner set for toddlers that also has barn storage!

And of course, we always recommend our favorite Schleich toys!

Horse Activities for Toddlers:

creative play horse activities for toddlers

Creative play is really important for little people. There are actually several milestones that lead up to being able to play creatively, so we need to give our little ones plenty of opportunities to “practice”. Here are some ideas for creative play with horses:

    • Make brick houses and barns for horses

    • Stack the blocks and have horses jump over them

    • Play hide and seek with the horses (use a flashlight to look for them to make this more exciting!)

    • Feed the horses

horse craft fine motor horse activities for toddlers

Painting is a weekly activity for us, sometimes a several times in the week activity, because Little Miss loves it so much! Process art is amazing for little kiddos because it can really teach them so many skills.

I drew a picture of a horse, of course, for our painting this week. Then Little Miss and I practiced making the color brown by mixing green and red. 

You can get several horse pictures to choose from in the free horse coloring book download above!

The next step is to give the horse a mane. Punch holes down the length of the neck and then show them how to lace the yarn through the holes.

sensory bin horse activities for toddlers

Create a horse sensory bin with rice, scoops, and horses. This sensory bin gives a lot of opportunities for fine motor practice and creative play. Here are some play ideas:

  • Hide the horses in the rice and find them by scooping
  • Feed the horses rice
  • Organize the horses by color
  • Scoop the rice into another container

horse activities for toddlers

This horse stick is a great facilitator for practicing gross motor skills. Encourage your toddler to run, walk, gallop, and jump like a horse. Creative play is also possible and encouraged with this toy! It offers a great opportunity to talk about horses and how to care for them.

horse craft horse activities for toddlers

Make an adorable horse face with this craft project. Great for practicing following directions, gluing, and just so cute and fun. You can get the templates and directions here:

You can get the printable template here!

Want more activities for your animal lover? Check these out!

horse activities for toddlers pin

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