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Did you celebrate Dr. Seuss week when you were in school? I always loved that week. My favorite book was Fox in Socks. I read it so many times that I got really good at reading the tongue twisters and teachers would invite me to their classrooms to read it to their class. We always did so many fun Dr. Seuss activities throughout that week! So this week, I introduce Little Miss to Dr. Seuss. This is a week full of fine motor skills and creativity. It is also a week full of books and reading, right on time for National Reading Month! I know your toddler will love these Dr. Seuss activities as much as Little Miss!

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Recommended Books for Dr. Seuss Activities:

The amazing classic so many love! No Dr. Seuss week would be complete without Cat in the Hat!

Little Miss’ favorite of all her Dr. Seuss books is definitely One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

Simple text and eye grabbing pictures are great in Hop on Pop!

While Oh, the Places You’ll Go is one of the longer books, the pictures themselves are great inspiration for projects with little ones.

Another longer book, but The Lorax has a great lesson and is a fun one to read.

Dr. Seuss Activities:

cat in the hat dr. seuss activities

Cat in the Hat

After reading the book, look at the Cat’s hat and talk about the colors and stripes. Then it is time to make your own!

Using a big piece of white paper as the background, glue red paper strips on it for the stripes.

*Suggestion: Draw lines on the red paper and guide your toddler to cut down the lines. A great fine motor activity!

Next, allow your little one to get creative and make the hat their own by painting, adding stickers, etc. When the hat is all dry, roll it up and glue the sides together to make it look like a hat!

one fish two fish red fish blue fish dr. seuss activities

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

This is a water activity. Water activities are really good for calming down little people and giving them a wonderful sensory experience.

Add some fish to a big bowl of water and give your toddler a net and spoon to catch them with. As you read the story, encourage them to try to catch fish that match the book! This will allow them to practice color identification, fine motor skills, and just have fun!

hop on pop dr. seuss activities

Hop on Pop

The project we did today was inspired by Deep Space Sparkle.

After we read the story, I drew Little Miss a picture of Red. Then she got to get messy and paint him some crazy red hair! It might have ended up all over his face too, but it was a fun sensory painting experience!

oh the places you'll go dr. seuss activities

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

This book goes great with this sensory bin.

First, make some rainbow rice. (Check out our tutorial on Instagram @blueberriesmash to see how to make it.) Then, add some different elements from the book and some scoops.

I also gave Little Miss a funnel for the first time. She thought it was so fun to pour the rice through the funnel. Allow them to experiment and explore their bin before, after, and while reading the story!

the lorax dr. seuss activities

The Lorax

This is a 2 day project. Splitting the project into 2 days lets our little people have the freedom to just enjoy their painting process, but it also allows time for things to dry and be ready for the next day.

First, dye the cotton balls. (Check out how to do this on my Instagram! ) First, you put water in a bowl with a splash of vinegar and then add some food coloring. Then, you add your cotton balls and get them saturated with color. Then you set them out to dry. (If you don’t want to dye the cotton balls, just skip this step and paint them after you glue them on the truffula trees)

After the cotton balls are dyed, start on the painting. First, draw a horizon line and talk about how above the line is sky and below the line is grass. Let them paint the grass green and the sky a mixture of colors.

Once the painting is dry, start on the truffula trees. First, have them scribble black all over a yellow piece of paper. Then it’s time for them to practice their cutting. If your little one isn’t ready for cutting yet, you can just let them rip the paper into strips or you can cut it yourself. This will be the trunks of the trees.

Finish the project on day 2.

First, glue the strips for the truffula tree trunks down. Then, fluff up the cotton balls and glue them down for the tops of the trees.

That brings us to the end of Dr. Seuss week! What books would you like featured in our next Dr. Seuss week activities?

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