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Learning how to sew, create, and design is an important skill that many children love to develop. But how can you set the basis for this with a toddler? This week of activities is perfect for the 2-3 year old in your life that loves to create. Especially if you have a fashionista on your hands, they will love these 2 year old activities to do at home. Each one encourages the development of important skills, while leaving you with a wonderful keepsake.

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Book Recommendations:

Little Miss loves this book and the paper dolls that come with it make it perfect for story time!

Another great story that gets creative juices flowing!

Toy Recommendations:

Play silks are excellent creative play materials, especially for dress up activities!

2 year old activities making a paper fringe skirt

This paper fringe skirt teaches fine motor skills like cutting and gluing while allowing creative expression! And of course, creative play after its creation! See the complete tutorial and tips and tricks here.

painting nails for 2 year old activities

Little Miss loves to paint her toes and mine, so this project was right up her ally, but much less mess! See the whole process here.

beading for 2 year old activities

Beading is an excellent fine motor skill to encourage in 2 year old’s. This can be done with pasta, large beads, or pony beads, depending on your toddler’s skill level. Making necklaces and bracelets is fun for kids of all ages and can easily be adapted so that the whole family can have fun doing this together!

Here are our suggestions for 2-3 year olds:

Shaped Pony Beads (large holes)

Colorful Pony Beads (large holes)

Beading Cord

Plastic Needles (helps with getting the cord through the holes)

less mess dying fabric 2 year old activities

If you have seen my tutorial on dying fabric with liquid watercolors, you will love this project as well. If possible, it is even easier and less messy!

See how to do it here: Easy Toddler Activity: Dye Fabric at Home With Less Mess!

shoes lacing 2 year old activities

Want to teach your toddler the idea of tying shoes but don’t know where to start? Well, then this project is for you! Simply cut out a shoe shape from cardboard, allow them to decorate, punch some holes, and practice your lacing!

Of course, the week wouldn’t be complete without lots of dress up creative play! Use all the pieces you created, add some play silks, hats, feathers, etc, and have yourself a fashionable tea party, go on an adventure, or act like monsters, whatever creative adventure your toddler wants to take you on!

Let us know in the comments below where these adventures take you or tag us on instagram @blueberriesmash!

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