Creative Play Every Day

You want to encourage creativity in your kiddo, but just don’t quite know how? If you are looking for a place for inspiration, guidance, and creative play ideas, you are in the right place! BlueberrieSmash is all about creative play every day! Let me help you find what you are looking for…

Raising creative kids in a world full of screens is hard.

Trying to find activities that are easy, low-prep, fun, and educational is not easy, especially when your toddler just wants to sit in front of a screen all day. But it is possible!

What you will find here…

Activities that are fun for you and your child

Activities that teach, without feeling like they do

Activities that don’t require a screen

Activities that don’t require you to be an artist or super mom

Activities that don’t require a lot of crazy supplies

Hi! I’m MJ!

I’m the dark chocolate loving, tea drinking, hot mess mama behind BlueberrieSmash. After being a daycare teacher, tutor, nanny, and substitute teacher, I became a stay at home mama, but the teaching didn’t stop there. Now, you will find me playing with my Little Miss, teaching her through play. Creative play every day!

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Our Story

I am so glad you are here. To know that yet another family is embracing the power of creative play give us the warm fuzzies! What all started as an idea, a personal goal, and a creative outlet has grown into a place where creative children are encouraged and nurtured.